Friday, April 15, 2016

WF meeti

      World Federation of Right to Die Societies      

                                2014 Meeting in Chicago,Il  USA

The World Federation of Right to Die Societies (WF) was founded in 1980 in Japan. Details of the organization along with current international news about the right to die can be found on our web site,

Every two years the WF has a conference with 3-4 days of speakers hosted by a member organization. In 2014 it was in Chicago, hosted by Final Exit Network, a U.S. right to die organization. Finances prohibited having a professional videographer so the recording was done by volunteers and this, two years later, is the result. Unfortunately about half of the programs were not recorded but this is the half that was, pieced together by volunteer videographer, Ken Watson, from recordings provided by conference coordinator Julia Hamway. 

I was president of the WF from 2012-14 and so put together the program for the Conference while Julia took care of everything else. Although what you are about to see happened in 2014 the presentations remain interesting and relevant.  Enjoy!
Hope to see you in May, 2016, for this year's conference in Amsterdam. See our web page for details.

Faye Girsh

San Diego, CA 

                                       Conference Program

                       These are the recorded presentations

                                      from the Conference

     Thursday Morning

 Speakers: Feuer, Egbert, Belli, Arthur, Chabot

Speakers: Tucker, Davison, Syme, Morris, Rivas, De Jong


Speakers:  Miller, Wood, Cote

 Friday Wendell Stephenson

 Friday Margo Andreessen

   Saturday Nu Tech 

Speakers: Richard Cote, Boudewijn Chabot,  Ton Vink

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